Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Rosa Alvarez: Girl, you need to catch up on posting your stuff like literature analyses,vocab, and homework posts.
Will Boerger: Post most recent stuff and catch up on literature analyses.
Gus Blundel: Catch up yo.
Rheanna Crawley: I wish my blog looked as good as yours.
Michelle Crosby: You need to post the most recent stuff.
Vince Cruz: Up to date, nicely done.
Jose De Leon: You're new, so I'll cut you some slack.
Lizbeth Estrada: Looking good girl.
Bernardo Gonzalez: Such a try-hard, good job.
Iliana Gutierrez: Great job!
Mackenzie Greeley: You're Greeley's daughter, I mean what more can I say than perfection?
Taelor Griego: Pleasantly surprised, well done.
John Han: Nice job!
Elizabeth Hotchkiss: Catch up! Post some stuff!
Pablo Nicacio: Not bad.
Elizabeth Pereyra: Very informative, nice layout.
Eddie Pineda: Good job Eddie, keep it up!
Alex Ramirez: Nice job, you're all up to date.
Torre Reddick: You have five posts... I mean really.
Christa Weston: You're awesome and like the coolest person, well done.

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