Monday, May 27, 2013

Senior Project #1

This year was the first in which AP Studio Art was offered as a course at Righetti, obviously as artists Ubi and I would take it. The AP Exam is different than that of a regular AP Exam because we have a year to make approximately thirty pieces of art which is really difficult to do actually. There are three parts to the exam:
Breadth- Twelve pieces of work that show how broad your technical and conceptual skills are.
Concentration- Twelve pieces of work all under a cohesive theme, that are completely original ideas.
Quality- Five of your best pieces of work.
Ubi and I had decided to collaborate on the concentration piece of the AP Exam. Ubi's concentration topic is black and white portraits and so he asked me to take pictures of some people so he could draw from them, in doing this I had gained pieces for the breadth and quality section of my AP Exam. As we continued to work on this, Ubi began to realize that the size and time of his charcoal drawings were just to big so through more collaboration I taught Ubi the art of photography and worked with him in the studio. We successfully completed the AP Exam on time and honestly our stuff is the bomb, check it out.

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