Wednesday, April 24, 2013

GRIDLOCK Howl by Allen Ginsberg (vendler model)

MeaningIn the poem there is a lot of references to personal experiences, and throughout the poem you realize little pieces of his life and the meanings that it takes on for Ginsberg.
This poem wasn't written for any particular reason, but it was just an artistic way of Ginsberg portraying his life through poetry.
Structural PartsIn almost every phrase in Howl, there is a personal reference to Ginsberg's life saying what he went through. Through his constant referencing you have an inside look to his personal life and the struggles he had through being gay and as an artist that made him struggle. "...ah, Carl, while you are not safe I am not safe, and now you're really in the total animal soup of time..."
ClimaxThere's no real climax in Howl because its this ongoing list of how people have been destroyed by society.
Other PartsI feel as if when reading this that the momentum continues to build and build whilst bagging on society.

SkeletonThe curve of emotion is probably love because this poem was written about Ginsberg's life and he dedicated it to his first "true" love.
Content Genre-
The destroyed poem. Meaning that how society has influenced people to become something they aren't. I think Ginsberg is completely original and therefore could not have changed any rules because he created them, thus being perfect.
Tone Depressed, emotional, and insightful.
AgencyAllen Ginsberg, himself.
Roads Not TakenI think that if this was re-written in the 90's it would become some sort of edgy poem about how society doesn't understand the teenage world of Nirvana lovers and that it could have taken on a new meaning there.
Speech ActsThere is a constant repetition of the word who that starts of phrases and I can connect this to the fact that Ginsberg is blaming someone indeed and referencing them indirectly so that the reader can also take on a personal meaning for someone they know who has shared the same fate.
Outer and Inner Structural
The poem's outer form is structured through constant repetition, while the inner form is based off of personal feeling that has been felt by the author and has referenced personal memories that he is putting in an artistic way.
ImaginationThe rhythm/pace of the poem kept me reading more because there was just this list of problems wrong and right in Ginsberg's life that made it interesting.

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