Tuesday, January 8, 2013

What's In This For Me?

I have a serious problem with doing my homework. I can start it, get it going, then twenty minutes into it my work becomes less and less well done as I continue on. My main problem is just finishing it because it just gets so boring to do because it really isn't fun for me to have to go through a book and answer one word response questions, I'm a senior give me a challenge. So looking forward to second semester, I want to be able to interpret homework assignments in a way that will get me to learn more about them and yet make them fun all at the same time, kinda like I did with my final project for Preston with No Exit.


  1. Amanda could you please follow my blog?

  2. Hey, it looks like you haven’t posted the literary terms 83-108 yet. It has been marked in the grade book but I look forward to seeing them when you get around to posting them.