Wednesday, December 12, 2012

No Exit Remix (Final Project)

Estelle by Brenna McNamara

Garcin by Ian Janssen

Inez by Brittany Cunningham

The Torture Begins. In this photograph I want to show Estelle (left) breaking their agreement to stay silent as she is asking Garcin (center) for some sort of object that has a mirror.

I am Your Mirror. In this scene I wanted to show Inez (front right) putting on Estelle's (far left) makeup in order to persuade her, but torture by saying  lies about her face. Then I wanted to show Garcin (far right) trying to evade the discussion they were having.

Stories of Hell's Prisoners. In this scene I wanted to show Estelle's (far left) frustration of telling her story and how she didn't want to reveal the truth, but Inez (far right) is smiling at the fact that she is torturing someone.

Dead Already. In this scene it shows Estelle (far left) about to stab Inez (far right), but Inez seems to be confused because their is no point in stabbing her when they are dead already causing Estelle to feel the reality of the situation.
No Exit. This photograph does not go in sequence with the rest but I wanted to do an overall shot of how I would interpret No Exit.
In this assignment I wanted to inspire everyone to start remixing assignments so that they can learn better. I feel now that I know No Exit better now that I have reinterpreted it in a way that I love. Having to go through the tedious steps of  picking out scenes that I feel are vital to the play, I now know the play like the back of my hand. So the overall point of my assignment was to remix the play in a way in which I can understand it better, and it also corresponds with my intended major of photography.

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